The history of Kharkov Institute "Energoproekt" started at the moment when the Design Department for thermal power plants' design was founded within the trust-company "Ukrenergostroy", which later, in 1932, joined the All-USSR Specialized Design Trust-Company "Teploelektroproekt". From the very beginning of the Institute’s activity, its main specialization was design and construction of power stations, substations and electricity transmission grids.

During the Great Patriotic War, the Kharkov Department made a great contribution into design and construction of power stations for the defense industry, being relocated to the Central Asia, by means of the equipment evacuated from the occupied territories. In 1944, after Kharkov’s liberation, the Institute resumed its activity as the Trust’s Department which was reorganized into the Institute "Teploelektroproekt" in 1951.

During the post-war period, the Institute fulfilled a huge scope of works on engineering support and restoration of thermal power plants and other power facilities on tight schedule.

At the same period, it started to design new power plants, and then – complete design of thermal, nuclear power plants and other power facilities.

Activities of the Institute are inseparable from the development energy sector of in the former Soviet Union and, particularly, in Ukraine. More than 60% of generating facilities at the thermal and nuclear power plants in Ukraine were built under the Institute’s design projects, which personnel were always in the forefront of the national energy sector.

The Kharkov Department was a pioneer in designing main equipment and power units with the capacity of 100, 150, 200, 300 and 800 MW at power plants in the USSR.

Under all projects of our company, the commissioned facilities had overall capacity more than 33 GW at national TPPs and more than 1,5 GW at TPPs abroad.

In 1970 the Institute started to design nuclear power plants with VVER-1000 reactors, and nuclear power became one of the main trends in its activity. The Kharkov Institute, as a part of "Teploelektroproekt" (which was renamed later into "Atomteploelektroproekt", and then into “AtomEnergoproekt”) as General Designer, provided commissioning of 9 GW at NPPs.

For the achievements in the sphere of thermal power plants design, introduction of new technologies and provision of significant development and enhancement in the energy sector, the Institute "Teploelectroproekt", including the Kharkov Department, was awarded with the Lenin Order in 1962 and the October Revolution Order in 1974.

In 1996, the Opened Joint-Stock Company Kharkov Scientific-Research and Design Institute "Energoproekt" was created on the basis of the Institute. It is now the leader in design and project engineering support for operation of thermal and nuclear power plants in Ukraine.