Executed projects

Designing Thermal Power Plants

Institute designed over 60% of power generating units which were put into operation at Ukraine’s thermal power plants, including original units with individual power output of 100, 150, 200, 300, and 800 MW (at the Myronovskaya, Pridneprovskaya, Zmievskaya, and Slavyanskaya TPPs, respectively).

Among the largest power plants designed by the institute in Ukraine are:

Name of the power plant power output, mw
Uglegorskaya TPP 3600
Zaporozhskaya TPP 3600
Krivorozhskaya ТPP-2 3000
Pridneprovskaya TPP 2400
Zmievskaya TPP 2400
Starobeshevskaya TPP 2300
Luganskaya TPP 2300
Slavyanskaya TPP 2100
Kurakhovskya TPP 1670
Zuyevskaya TPP-2 1200
Kharkovskaya CHPP-5 490

The institute also designed thermal power plants which were built in the Russian Federation, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Hungary, and Yugoslavia.

Designing Nuclear Power Plants

Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant

Under institute’s designs, NPPs with VVER-1000 and RBMK-1000 reactors were built and put into operation. Their total power output is 22 million KW.

The institute is a chief designer of the South-Ukrainian and Zaporizhzhya NPPs. It took part in designing the Rivne NPP (Ukraine); Balakovo, Rostov, Kursk, and Smolensk NPPs (Russia); and NPP Kozlodui (Bulgaria).

Among the largest power plants designed by the institute are:

Name of the power plant (part) Country Power output, mw Main equipment
turbines reactors
No. х type No. х type
Zaporizhzhya NPP Ukraine 6000 6 х К-1000-60/1500 6 х VVER-1000
Kursk NPP (turbine building) Russia 3000 6 х К-550-60/1500 3 х RBMK-1000
South-Ukrainian NPP Ukraine 3000 2 х К-1000-60/1500 1 х К-1000-60/3000 3 х VVER-1000
Smolensk NPP (turbine building) Russia 2000 4 х К-550-60/1500 2 х RBMK-1000
Balakovo NPP Units No. 1 & No. 2 (turbine building) Russia 2000 2 х К-1000-60/1500 2 х VVER-1000
NPP Kozlodui, Units No. 5 & No. 6 (turbine building) Bulgaria 2000 2 х К-1000-6-/1500 2 х VVER-1000
Rivne NPP Ukraine 1000 1 х К-1000-60/3000 1 х VVER-1000
Rostov NPP Unit No. 1 (turbine building) Russia 1000 2 х К-1000-60/1500 1 х VVER-1000

Designing Residential Settlements

Along with the construction of power plats, residential settlements were built nearby. Many of them were later transformed into towns, such as Noviy Svet, Komsomolskiy, Schastye, Pridneprovsk (which became a district in the City of Dnepropetrovsk), Zelenodolsk, Svetlodarskoye, and others.

Among them, a special place belongs to Energodar, a dynamically growing town on the shore of the Kakhov Reservoir ("Kakhov Sea").